Laserfiche Products

Below are just a few of the modules that Laserfiche offers. Click here to view the full line of Laserfiche products.


Laserfiche Rio enterprise content management is a powerful, complete solution that is straightforward to purchase, deploy, extend and manage. With Rio, you have the flexibility to reconfigure your system to accommodate changing requirements, project scopes and business conditions, so your solution fits even unique situations without extensive development, programming or staff effort.

The Rio system includes information management, unlimited number of Laserfiche servers, document imaging, DoD-certified records management, business process management, system activity monitoring and Web publishing modules in a single procurement.


Laserfiche Avante brings together our industry-leading document management system and powerful, fully integrated Workflow functionality. Whether you have a staff of one or one hundred, you’ll simplify complex tasks, promote better decision making and keep your organization moving forward.

Laserfiche Avante’s licensing is based on the number of people who will be using the system—which makes it possible to calculate the cost of most systems by doing little more than counting employees.


Laserfiche Workflow enables organizations to automate standard, collaborative business processes, such as approvals or routing based on conditions. It transforms your static Laserfiche repository into a dynamic content management solution that ensures your business processes are performed consistently and efficiently. Laserfiche Workflow enables organizations to design custom workflows that fit their needs. Workflows automatically perform specified actions at appropriate times, such as sending a document to a specific user, populating a field, adding a tag, or sending an e-mail.

Quick Fields

Laserfiche Quick Fields is an automated data capture solution that improves the efficiency of data entry and document organization. Quick Fields simplifies the organization and management of documents and unstructured information. It automates processing for a high volume of information by capturing data from various formats and sorting documents according to custom criteria, helping you put content to use quickly.


Laserfiche WebLink is a Web browser–based thin client that provides read-only access to documents and functions as a secure portal for access to public information. WebLink allows you to generate a content portal site based on a database, without coding or programming. Anyone with a connection to the Internet or a local intranet has access to the information they need—often reducing the burden on staff of responding to requests for information.

Web Client

Laserfiche Web Client is a Web browser–based thin client that provides comprehensive enterprise content management capabilities. Laserfiche Web Access is content management, online. Delivering virtually all the functionality of the standard, installed Laserfiche interface, Web Access allows for consolidated management of resources and data, as well as remote or portable access.

Web Distribution Portal

Web Distribution Portal was created in response to the market demand for a smaller, much less expensive web product designed for cities and businesses that do not need all the seats and functionality of the Laserfiche Public Portal module. This allows for access and management of your Laserfiche database using the Web instead of the Laserfiche client.      For use with an Avante system, the Laserfiche Web Distribution Portal includes Laserfiche WebLink and only 5 concurrent retrieval connections. It is restricted to one security profile, meaning that all users will log in with the same anonymous access.

Records Management Edition    

Laserfiche Records Management Edition is a version of Laserfiche that contains a DoD 5015.2-certified records management module, enabling you to track the life cycle of records in your Laserfiche repository and comply with demanding regulatory requirements. Records Management Edition (RME) helps your organization balance the legal implications of content management with how you use the content.    Laserfiche RME simplifies the formal management of large volumes of content by automatically applying retention schedules and final disposition based on preconfigured business rules. Because RME is DoD 5015.2–certified, the lifecycle management, security and transparency the system provides will form the foundation of an information management strategy that complies with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, USA PATRIOT Act, SEC, FINRA, or other regulations.


Laserfiche Forms, you accelerate your business processes by simplifying data collection and processing. Our customizable Web forms can also be placed onto—or linked from—any page on your Website, Intranet or public portal so that it’s easy for employees, customers and other stakeholders to access, complete and submit them to you. Once a form has been submitted, user-defined approval processes and task lists ensure that appropriate action is taken quickly. And with Laserfiche Forms, it’s easy to securely store, organize and apply version control and records retention rules to all the information you collect.


Laserfiche Mobile for iPhone and iPad provides an end-to-end solution that extends governance, risk and compliance standards all the way to mobile devices—distributing capture while maintaining auditability over all system interactions, even if they take place on a mobile device.


Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud provides full-function Laserfiche Rio® licenses, hosted on a cloud server, for a simple monthly charge per user. Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud includes 20GB of storage per user, daily backup, access to the Laserfiche public knowledge base, and a subscription to over 200 Laserfiche training videos.