Let Us Help You
Make the Transition
 from Paper to
Electronic Document Management

Let Us Help You
Make the Transition
 from Paper to
Electronic Document Management

Why Laserfiche

Why Manage Your Documents Within Laserfiche?

  • Locate and Retrieve Documents More Quickly and Completely
  • Share Document Sets Easily Between Departments & Physical Locations
  • Distribute Documents Efficiently across the Web or via Email
  • Control Document Access Through Security and Permissions
  • Eliminate Duplicate Documents
  • Implement Version Control of Electronic Documents 
  • Provide Online Document Disaster Recovery
  • Reduce Storage Costs and Reclaim Valuable Floor Space
Why Select Laserfiche Document Management Software?

  • Ability to scan documents directly into system
  • Import all of the different types of electronic records of the organization
  • Enter and search by multiple index fields
  • Search by multiple criteria 
  • Multi level folder structure 
  • Integrate with Microsoft applications 
  • Client, server and web access 
  • Viewer for different types of files including CAD 
  • Batch upload of files with associated indexing metadata 
  • Check in/Check out 
  • Versioning control
  • DoD Certified Records Management
  • Workflow/Business Process Automation
  • Email management 
  • Mobile application
  • Ability to integrate with multifunctional devices 
  • Ability to integrate with SharePoint 
  • Ability to integrate with GIS systems 
  • Ability to integrate with Accounting systems
  • Ability to use multiple storage devices and servers 
  • Active Directory synchronization  
  • Audit trail 
  • Full text search capability 
  • Ability to link documents 
  • Annotation and redaction 
  • Local support and training 
  • Zone OCR 
  • Retention scheduling 
  • Integrator’s Toolkit

Laserfiche has always built its products using Microsoft technologies, working to become more closely integrated with Microsoft platforms. Laserfiche ensures that their software complies with standards that make it widely interoperable, extensible and easy to administer. Click to read about "Laserfiche Shines in a Microsoft-Driven Organization."

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