Let Us Help You
Make the Transition
 from Paper to
Electronic Document Management

Let Us Help You
Make the Transition
 from Paper to
Electronic Document Management

Client Testimonials

Here are a few comments from a few of our satisfied Laserfiche clients talking about Laserfiche, eDocsAlaska and the services we provide.

MaryLynn McFarland, Records Manager
   Kodiak Island Borough (Kodiak, Alaska)

“Dealing with the challenge of decades of paper records, we have found eDocsAlaska to be extremely experienced in the capability of Laserfiche and resourceful in accommodating our individual needs. The Kodiak Island Borough has been very satisfied with the services rendered by eDocsAlaska.”

Corey Hall, Deputy City Clerk
   City of Kenai (Kenai, Alaska)

“Our experience with eDocsAlaska technical services, support, availability, and expertise is AMAZING!  They have gone above and beyond in helping me administer and use the program to scan, catalog and store 30 years’ worth of documents for our city.” 
Ken Hilfiker, IS Manager
   Chugach Electric Association (Anchorage, Alaska)

eDocsAlaska has done an outstanding job of designing our system.  They provide excellent training on how to use Laserfiche and are an excellent resource on the few times we needed technical support.  Their quality of work is top-notch, cost is competitive compared to document management systems, and work is completed on time.”

Bryan Lane, Optometry Technician
Southcentral Foundation (Anchorage, Alaska)

“As an archival tool, we have found Laserfiche to be extremely useful in compiling patient charts into an easily retrievable electronic format.  The software is easy to use, and has a wide variety of search functions available.”      


Lance Campbell, Hospital Administrator
   Valley Medical Care (Juneau, Alaska)

“We had over 30,000 multi-page patient records that totaled approximately one million (1,000,000) individual pages. The task was daunting but your support was always immediate and helpful.  Your guidance was invaluable. We were able to successfully e-copy all of our records while also implementing a dedicated electronic medical record (EMR) system.”

 "It is now totally awesome that all this information is now at our fingertips within moments of our inquiry. The added bonus is all the extra room that is now available to us now that all the boxes and record shelves are a thing of the past.”

Rachel Hughes, Retirement Specialist IV
Anchorage Police and Fire Retirement System 
   (Anchorage, Alaska)

“It is a great victory to be able to access a document in a few minutes rather than waiting for days to manually search through boxes stored in an off-site location.”

“Just yesterday I was searching for a legal opinion for an issue that arose once again. Very shortly I found the document and all of the related emails and communications. We were able to respond to the issue quickly and looked like geniuses in the process!"

Tammy James
Alaska Municipal League Joint Insurance Association
   (Anchorage, Alaska) 

“The response time I receive from the eDocsAlaska team is almost always same day, whether it is for something technical, in regards to a bill or simply just a comment on an email thread, someone from you team is always quick to respond.”



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